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Guest Memories

Guest Reviews

“Epic! The birth of a new kind of Haunted House and I’m proud to say I was privy to be one of the first to see it!”

“A beautiful concept executed very well. Personally I think (it’s) easily worth a hundred dollars and I think the people spending more for the higher entry levels are also getting their money’s worth.”

“The hospitality was wonderful and the entire evening went so smoothly. This is a must do experience that will forever change your view of storytelling.”

“From the moment you arrive you realize this will be a new and unique experience.”

“The decor, the detail, the enthusiastic collection of “spirits” who lurk down in the catacombs — everything works perfectly to create a fantastically chilling environment.”

“The Vault of Souls is not only the best haunted attraction I have ever been through, but one of the best experiences I have ever witnessed.”

“This is a one of a kind experience! Well worth the ticket price.”

“We had an absolutely amazing time last night. Our expectations were high, and you more than surpassed them. From beginning to end we were mesmerized by the intense ambiance .”

“An amazing story that is beautifully executed. A must visit for fans of both the “eek” scary and psychological thrill seekers alike.”

“I’ll definitely do it again next year.”