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Guest Memories

Guest Reviews

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first went into the Vault of Souls, but I think it was a good experience with a great back story. “

“I’ll definitely do it again next year.”

“I felt this was a very adult, mind bending, even sort of erotic, experience.”

“All I can say is the experience was incredible and I’d do it over again, and again, in a heartbeat!!!”

“The decor, the detail, the enthusiastic collection of “spirits” who lurk down in the catacombs — everything works perfectly to create a fantastically chilling environment.”

“The Vault of Souls is not only the best haunted attraction I have ever been through, but one of the best experiences I have ever witnessed.”

“An amazing story that is beautifully executed. A must visit for fans of both the “eek” scary and psychological thrill seekers alike.”

“A beautiful concept executed very well. Personally I think (it’s) easily worth a hundred dollars and I think the people spending more for the higher entry levels are also getting their money’s worth.”

“Yes it’s $100! And totally worth it!”

“The Vault of Souls was amazing! …It was a perfect evening!”